Second Saturdays: Connect & Create
Community Art Workshops for Adults

Pre-register for a class here, include which class you are registering for and how many people may be coming.
The Maggie Daly Arts Cooperative is pleased to present a community engagement and learning opportunity allowing us to inspire creative energy through exposing, engaging and educating the community.

Adult artists of all abilities are welcome to come experience our diverse workshops led by several Kennedy Center Expressive Arts Therapists and Facilitators and local Bridgeport artists. There will be several different types of art mediums and techniques being taught, with all the materials being provided to the participants. 

Second Saturdays will begin on October 12th, 2019 and run through June 2020. While there is not a fee to participate in the workshops, a $15 donation is recommended to help cover our costs. 

Upcoming Second Saturdays

3/14/20 Zen Brush with Vasken Kalayjian ** This workshop is going to be rescheduled. 
4/11/20 Abstract Painting with Lauri MacClean
5/9/20 Cartooning with Adam Weisblatt
6/13/20 Flower Power Painting with James Brunelle

 Zen Brush
  with Vasken Kalayjian on March 14th from 11am - 1pm ** This workshop is going to be rescheduled to a later date.

Meditation while sitting in the traditional posture is called "Zazen." This is taken from two root words: when no thought arises in the mind it is called sitting (Za), and to look at one's own nature inwardly is called meditation (Zen). In this class, you will learn different postures and how to regulate breathing, to bring your attention to rest on the breath. You will also learn how to multiply your concentration and train your mind to be focused in the present moment. You will learn to release all your tension, empty your mind and develop all your parts: body, mind, emotions to allow something higher "spiritual" to come in. Using brush, sumi ink and paper we will then express Zen-Mind on to the paper.

Vásken Kalayjian is a global branding expert, chief creative director and strategic thinker with extensive Fortune 1000 experience. He is also a multi-disciplinary artist, an abstract painter, meditation teacher and a visionary. He delves deeply into the human psyche through his lifelong practices and studies of the world’s ancient spiritual and mystical traditions. By combining his intuition, creativity, entrepreneurial skills.