Past Exhibitions

Artist in the Spotlight

Beginning in August 2019, we started featuring the artwork of one of our artists every month in our hallway with our "Artist in the Spotlight" feature.  You can get a personal look at each individual's personal style and get to know the artist even better!

Our current Artist in the Spotlight is Bonnie Kaehler.

Click here to check out our past Artists in the Spotlight!

Bridgeport EarthFest 

Bridgeport Arts Trail

For the last few years, MDAC has been participating in the Bridgeport Arts Trail, which connects and exposes the arts community of Bridgeport.

See photos of 2016 Bridgeport Art's Trail Exhibit,   Thresholds

See photos of 2017's Bridgeport Arts Trail Exhibit, Got Change?

See photos of 2018's Bridgeport Arts Trail Exhibit, Once Upon a Dream

See photos of 2019's Bridgeport Arts Trail Exhibit,  3D Journey.

MDAC Haunted House
Easily the most anticipated event of the year, MDAC Artists and Staff revel in hosting an annual Haunted House every fall. Kennedy Center Programs and the general public are invited to experience our spooky creation which features hand made props and costumes.

See photos of 2014's MDACula Spectacula

See photos of 2015's Nightmare Cafe

See photos of 2016's A Midsummer Night's Scream

See photos of 2017's Grave's Department Store

Colorful Life

 Colorful Life was MDAC's first show that focused solely on abstract art! All MDAC artists were represented in this show, and many went outside of their comfort zone to try out a different style of art!

Check out photos of the exhibit here!


Destinations was our second show with SoCCA's All Access Art Program. This joint exhibition featured images of different destinations from around the world and beyond of places the artists have been, or hope to see some day.

Check out images from this exhibit here!

The Beauty of Bridgeport

The Beauty of Bridgeport was MDAC's first ever photography show, featuring images our artists captured walking around our neighborhood and throughout the city of Bridgeport.

A Summer Hoopla

MDAC artists in conjunction with our very own OUCH! band will be live painting and performing at McLevy Green on July 26th at 12-1PM.

Experience our artists create a Keith Haring inspired painting while OUCH! performs on stage during the Bridgeport Farmer's Market!

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​Bridges: The Art of Connection
Bridges: The Art of Connection was a joint art show hosted by MDAC with SoCCA's All Access Artists with a focus on bridges, both physical bridges and the connection between two similar programs while engaging with the community.

​View photos from Bridges here.​​

Nurture the Magic Within

Nurture the Magic Within explored one's identity in nature and modern society in a vibrant celebration of the human spirit. This show ran from 6/20/17-9/20/17.​

See more from Nurture the Magic Within here!

Common Threads: A Tribute to Angie Paul

MAY 26, 2016 - August 30, 2016
The Kennedy Center’s Maggie Daly Arts Coop (MDAC) proudly presents Common Threads honoring the work of fashion designer, Angie Paul.