How we got started...

The Maggie Daly Arts Cooperative (MDAC) is the realization of a dream come true!  Over 30 years ago Maggie Daly met a kindred spirit, Lynn McCrystal, who at the time was The Kennedy Center’s art therapist. Both were staunch supporters of infusing art as a catalyst in helping individuals with disabilities to express and communicate their thoughts and feelings. Together with Marty Schwartz, Hilary Michaels, George McGuire and others, they created The Kennedy Center’s Art Program. The Program opened the doors to the talents of the participants and soon led to the development of A Unique Perspective Calendar showcasing the true beauty of their works.  Over the years, the Kennedy Arts Program has expanded to include not only art, but also movement, music and theatre.

As the popularity of the program grew, it was always the wish of those founders to one day be able to open a day support program specifically for artists. The wish came true when the Board of The Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival selected The Kennedy Center as their 2013 Recipient to fund an Artist Cooperative. With the Festival’s support and the support from “Friends of Maggie”, MDAC was created and launched in May. 

Talented individuals passionate about the arts have joined MDAC and already there is a buzz of excitement of what has occurred and the possibilities that lie ahead. 

Maggie Daly and our other founding leaders would be proud to know that MDAC stands as a testimony to the transformative power of both philanthropy and the arts to enrich lives, touch hearts and bring about opportunities for mutual sharing, learning, change and growth.

Maggie Daly

"I'm so glad I was able to go with you to share the uplifting experience and atmosphere. I am full of admiration for those who provide supervision and encouragement and for those who accept the hand they have been dealt and find it in their hearts to produce inspiring, colorful, works of art.  Maggie would be so pleased."

-Sydney Eddison   (friend of Maggie Daly )