Artist Stories

“Everything” -- this was Antonio Gadson’s response when asked what he enjoys about MDAC. A true artist at his core, Antonio embodies the spirit and the enthusiasm of the Maggie Daly Arts Cooperative. He has dipped his toe in nearly every experience that has been offered, from the visual arts, to movement and yoga, to drama and writing. Antonio’s presence at MDAC can often be felt in the way that he collaborates with others and always offers his assistance, both to his peers and members of the community. He is an unstoppable force of artistic energy, so much so that it is almost contagious among the artists of MDAC.

A self-declared “fashionista,” Johanna Vecchione has truly honed in on her passion for drama and writing during her time at MDAC, while simultaneously refining her visual art skills. Johanna was featured as the vivacious titular character of “Rat Woman” in a music video for MDAC’s Ouch Band, which premiered at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. The “Rat Woman” persona gave Johanna the opportunity to mesh her love of textile design and acting in a unique format, while staying true to herself as an artist. She thrives in the spotlight, and in doing so, has inspired others to find their inner light as well.

  In a quiet corner of the Maggie Daly Arts Cooperative, you will most often find Molly Hauser laser-focused on her individual drawings, overflowing with magical details. Molly’s unique style begins as a simple design that transforms into a tapestry of color comprised of miniscule grid patterns, exuding the delicacy of a woven piece.  Molly’s patience and calm demeanor while making art is often channeled into her practice of yoga and her reflective journal writing. Her work has been accepted into and sold at several community art exhibits, accolades for which she is always so genuinely grateful. Molly’s perseverance and wit are infused into every one of her practices, and help to establish her identity as an MDAC artist.