Artist in the Spotlight:
Theodore "Teddy" Sutton

Theodore "Teddy" Sutton was born in Bridgeport, CT in 1939. He is 80 years young, and is always sharing his wisdom with those around him. He has lived in Norwalk, CT; Bronx, NY; and currently resides in Bridgeport, CT. Teddy has attended MDAC since he retired in 2014. 

Teddy likes to make art, and his favorite subject is rockets. He learned how to draw a long time ago by watching other artists and catching on himself. His rocket making was inspired by watching television and movies. His favorite thing about rockets is when they take off. He likes the sound, and watching the fire shoot out of the bottom of the rocket.

Teddy has no desire to visit the moon. In fact, he thinks that would be a bit too scary. However, he is fascinated by the solar system and rockets flying in to space. He feels excited every day to create art that reflects his fascination with the journey to outer space. In the future, Teddy would like to visit the local planetarium and incorporate that experience into his artwork. He likes to look at the moon, the stars, and mars.

Teddy is known for being a very kind and generous person. He is always welcoming to others and offering his help. He is a very creative individual and likes to express his personality through his clothes and accessories. When Teddy arrives at MDAC, he feels good and likes to come up with his idea for the day. Teddy enjoys watching his peers work and learning from them as well.

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