Artist in the Spotlight: 
Johanna Vecchione

Johanna Vecchione is a 24 year old artist/actor from Trumbull who enjoys spending time at MDAC. Johanna likes being part of theater group and showcasing  her many talents. She uses charcoal, watercolors, pastels, and papier mache to show off the spooky ideas that she creates.

October is Johanna’s favorite month of the year. She likes it not only because was she born then, but with October also comes Halloween! Johanna’s love of Halloween and all things creepy can easily be seen as a major influence in her artwork. Johanna adores haunted houses – she loves the creepy decorations and how they make the houses look. Designing haunted houses would be a dream job for her.

Johanna is also a ballroom dancer, and likes dancing with her dance partner. Her favorite type of dance is the tango, and she has recently been working on both the tango and the foxtrot in classes. She takes her lessons at the Trumbull Fred Astaire Dance Studio, and goes to dance rehearsal every Wednesday. Johanna volunteers every Friday to help out at the studio, and also volunteers during themed parties.  

Fashion design is another form of art that interest Johanna.  She likes looking at different styles of clothing in fashion magazines and creating her own looks- especially when using sequins! She hopes to be able to do more fashion design in her artwork in the future.

Johanna has a lot of hopes and dreams for the future – wedding planner, fashion designer, haunted house designer, room decorator, owning her own limo, and being on the red carpet as both an actress and a dancer! She even hopes to be followed by paparazzi!
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