Artist in the Spotlight:
​Molly Hauser

Molly has been part of MDAC since July 2014. She creates bright and colorful worlds in her art, usually using markers. Besides visual arts, Molly is accomplished when it comes to creative writing, theater, and yoga. She will often write stories to accompany her art pieces, and create a magical narrative to make her inner worlds come to life. She attends yoga practice not only at MDAC, but also on Saturday mornings in Fairfield, and in her home. Molly is an avid participant in MDAC's theater group, and has performed in multiple plays. She has also helped with the writing on three of them. Molly brings a sparkle to the program, and has really made her mark not only on MDAC, but the local arts community.

Let's hear a little bit from the artist herself:

"I've been in many art shows, and now I am doing the [Annual Kennedy Center] Calendar for May. I am so excited that I'm doing this. My art pieces have been sold. I have lots of experiences in my artworks, and I love being here at MDAC because it's a fun place to be. Something else you got to know about me- I've been doing art since I was ten years old. Since I was in school, I've been going to art classes, and I had wonderful teachers who taught me how to do my art. That's why Stephanie Campbell [the previous MDAC manager] selected me to come here. Also, I love my fashion.  What I like to do is, my writing, my art, and my reading, and my exercising.  I love to do yoga here at MDAC. I enjoy that. When I am here at MDAC I like to be with my friends, and my staff because they help me with  what I see and what I do in my art, and that is why I come here to MDAC. And that's what you gotta know about me."

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