Artist in the Spotlight
John Mitchell


John Mitchell is 63 years young and resides in Milford, CT. John greatly enjoys creating portraits of people he has seen in movies, or from recent news. John loves bridges and learning the names and types of bridges that he draws. He prefers to use crayons and pastels to create his images, spinning his own bright colors on the world.

While at MDAC, John enjoys participating in a wide variety of group activities, including drama, process painting, and music activities. John enjoys volunteering at the Bridgeport Rescue Mission when he can, but is always up for whatever outings are available.

John brings a great energy to MDAC with his funny, outgoing personality. He brings his own expertise of tools and power tools to the table with his knowledge of woodworking. At home, John has a woodworking shop where he makes sculptures.

 You always know that John is around when the air is full of a chorus of animal sounds.
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