Artist in the Spotlight:
Bonnie Kaehler

Bonnie is a visual artist who creates complex, colorful, abstract pieces. She layers different colors and sometimes multiple media over each other to form rich tones and shapes using quick, small strokes. Bonnie most often uses marker, colored pencil, and watercolor to achieve this look. Sometimes, she will use an eyedropper with watercolor to make more fluid, bubbly images as well.

Bonnie has an excellent memory, and can remember everybody's names and schedules. She is very caring, and asks after people who are not at MDAC when they are supposed to be. Bonnie keeps us all on track, and MDAC would not be the same without her!

In Her Own Words:

"My name is Bonnie. I am from Fairfield, CT, and I live with Gillian, Betsy, Kathy, John, and Sheila. My birthday is November 14th, my favorite color is blue, and I like to make abstract art with watercolors. Some of my favorites activities to do at MDAC are make artwork, sing karaoke, make music, and participate in drama. Last October I was a character in an original play called "A Tale of Three Stories". I helped create the sets as well! I love all of my art pieces. They are abstract colors of the rainbow."
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